David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Anne Reid (Florence Finnegan)
Roy Marsden (Mr Stoker)
Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones)
Reggie Yates (Leo Jones)
Trevor Laird (Clive Jones)
Kimmi Richards (Annalise)
Ben Righton (Morgenstern)
Vineeta Rishi (Julia Swales)
Paul Kasey (Judoon Captain)
Nicholas Briggs (Judoon voices)

Martha Jones is on her way to work, fielding calls from her brother, her sister, her mother and her father. Somehow she must bring them all together for her brother's 21st birthday without upsetting any apple carts. For now, she must concentrate on her job - as a medical student . The day takes on a bizarre twist when the hospital is transported to the Moon and held within a force field. With the air running out and Rhino-like aliens checking everyone in the hospital, Martha finds that she must put her trust in a patient who calls himself the Doctor...

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Dean Lennox Kelly (Shakespeare)
Christina Cole (Lilith)
Sam Marks (Wiggins)
Amanda Lawrence (Doomfinger)
Linda Clark (Bloodtide)
Jalaal Hartley (Dick)
David Westhead (Kempe)
Andree Bernard (Dolly Bailey)
Chris Larkin (Lynley)
Stephen Marcus (jailer)
Matt King (Peter Streete)
Robert Demeger (Preacher)

London, 1599 and a rapt audience applaud the performance of William Shakespeare's play, Love's Labour Lost. Among the audience stand the Doctor and Martha, the latter cries out "author!" and then asks if she should have done that? Around her the rest of the audience take up the cry and seconds later the author appears on stage to accept the applause. Shakespeare then comments on the end of his play and reveals that all will be revealed the following night with the unveiling of its sequel, Love's Labour Won.

Martha has no recollection of such a play from Shakespeare and the Doctor advises her the play was lost, its name simply a footnote in history. What began as a simple demonstration of the TARDIS looks set to become something else as the Doctor becomes determined to unravel the mystery behind a play that should not exist. The Doctor's interest is piqued further when the theatre manager, opposed to the performance of the play, drowns while walking along a dry street.

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Ardal O'Hanlon (Brannigan)
Anna Hope (Novice Hame)
Struan Rodger (The Face of Boe)
Travis Oliver (Milo)
Lenora Crichlow (Cheen)
Jennifer Hennessy (Valerie)
Bridget Turner (Alice)
Georgine Anderson (May)
Simon Pearsall (Whitey)
Daisy Lewis (Javit)
Nicholas Boulton (businessman)
Erika Macleod (Sally Calypso)
Judy Norman (Ma)
Graham Padden (Pa)
Lucy Davenport (pale woman)
Tom Edden, Natasha Williams, Gayle Telfer Stevens (pharmacists)

Just before he takes her home, the Doctor offers Martha the chance to see the future. She has been into the past, on Earth - so why not the future on another world? Martha asks if she can see the Doctor's home planet, but he is relucant to take her there. Instead, he settles for a return visit to New Earth. The TARDIS materialises in what would appear to be the slums of New Earth. Stalls on either side of the alley sell drugs offering happiness and, in the case of one customer, forgetfulness. Before the customer takes her Forget drug she comments on how her parents have disappeared: they were last seen on the Motorway.

Two people seize Martha at gunpoint and escape to the Motorway. The Doctor vows to find Martha and sets off in pursuit. The driver of one car takes the Doctor on board his car. When the Doctor discovers that the driver and his wife have been there for many years he is even more horrified to learn that people have been trapped in their vehicles, moving around the Motorway for years, decades even. There are also stories that vehicles with more than two people on board can qualify for the Fast Lane...but there are also stories that something lurks in the Fast Lane.

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Miranda Raison (Tallulah)
Ryan Carnes (Laszlo)
Hugh Quarshie (Solomon)
Andrew Garfield (Frank)
Eric Loren (Mr Diagoras)
Flik Swan (Myrna)
Alexis Caley (Lois)
Ian Porter (Foreman)
Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg, Anthony Spargo, David Hankinson (Daleks)
Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voices)
Paul Kasey (Pig)

Tallulah is preparing to go on stage, she just needs one final kiss from Laslo and a promise that he will be be here for her always. After Tallulah leaves the dressing room, Laslo hears something scuffling about backstage. His investigations bring him into contact with something very nasty indeed.

The Doctor and Martha emerge from the TARDIS which has materialised at the foot of the Statue of Liberty: visible against the Manhattan skyline is the nearly complete Empire State Building. All is not well in Manhattan 1930 though: the depression has hit America; the dispossessed make do with what they can in Hooverville - and some of them are disappearing. What is lurking in the sewers of Manhattan and how is it linked to construction work on the Empire State Building? Even more worrying for the Doctor - his oldest enemies are conducting genetic experiments...

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones)
Reggie Yates (Leo Jones)
Mark Gatiss (Lazarus)
Thelma Barlow (Lady Thaw)
Lucy'Connell (olive woman)
Bertie Carvel (mysterious man)

Martha's trip with the Doctor has come to an end: its time to go home. As they bid their farewells, Martha's phone rings - she lets the answering machine pick up the call. Hearing that her sister is appearing on TV, Martha turns on the set - Mr Lazarus will be unveiling something that will change the future of the human race. The Doctor bids a last farewell and Martha watches sadly as the TARDIS dematerialises. Then the TARDIS rematerialises and the Doctor emerges - curious as to what will happen that will change the future of the human race.

As Martha's sister is handling the PR for Mr Lazarus' experiment, she has an invite - and the Doctor is her "plus one". As the invited crowd watches, Mr Lazarus, a man in his 70s, enters a cubicle. Despite a fault in the mechanism, Lazarus emerges - a younger man...

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Michelle Collins (Kath McDonnell)
William Ash (Riley Vashtee)
Anthony Flanagan (Orin Scannell)
Matthew Chambers (Hal Korwin)
Gary Powell (Dev Ashton)
Vinette Robinson (Abi Lerner)
Rebecca Oldfield (Erina Lessak)
Elize Du Toit (sinister woman)

The Doctor fixes Martha's phone so that she can call anyone from anywhere and anywhen. Before she can make a call though, the TARDIS intercepts a distress call. Materialising on a spaceship that is falling towards a star, the Doctor and Martha try to assist the crew in their survival efforts. Their efforts are soon to be hampered by the fact that one or more members of the crew are not quite themselves anymore.

David Tennant (The Doctor, John Smith)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Jessica Hynes (Joan Redfern)
Rebekah Staton (Jenny)
Thomas Sangster (Tim Latimer)
Harry Lloyd (Baines)
Tom Palmer (Hutchinson)
Gerard Horan (Clark)
Lauren Wilson (Lucy Cartwright)
Pip Torrens (Rocastle)
Matthew White (Phillips)
Derek Smith (doorman)
Peter Bourke (Mr Chambers)
Sophie Turner (vicar)

Under attack, the Doctor and Martha just manage to make the safety of the TARDIS. Their pursuers have stolen time technology so there can be no hiding place, unless...

England 1913, Mr Smith is giving lessons. Among his books is a journal containing descriptions of dreams he has had of a strange traveller known as the Doctor. This journals tells of fantastic creatures on different worlds and in different times. In those dreams, Mr Smith knows there is some other significance to his fob watch - or perhaps they are nothing more than dreams? He has only been teaching at the school for two months, but already Mr Smith is beginning to fall for Nurse Redfern, perhaps they will go to the dance together? If only that maid, Martha, would knock before entering the room!

Tim Latimer has his uses: he can write the homework for some of the boys; he can polish their shoes; he knows a little about schools in Johannesburg; in fact he knows more than it is possible to know - something which disturbs him and sets him out as a bit of an outsider. Drawn to Mr Smith's fob watch, Tim sets in a motion a chain of events that might just make the adventures of the Doctor more than just jottings in a journal...

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Carey Mulligan (Sally Sparrow)
Lucy Gaskill (Kathy Nightingale)
Finlay Robertson (Larry Nightingale)
Richard Cant (Malcolm Wainwright)
Michael Obiora (Billy Shipton)
Louis Mahoney (Billy)
Thomas Nelstrop (Ben Wainwright)
Ian Boldsworth (Banto)
Ray Sawyer (Desk sergeant)

Sally Sparrow visits an old, condemned house. Intrigued by some writing behind some wallpaper, she peels it away and is astonished to find a warning addressed to her. The following day she returns with a friend. The two women explore the house, intrigued by the nature of the warning and its other subject - the statue of a weeping angel. A knock at the door intrigues Sally even further and she goes to investigate while her friend, Kathy remains hidden. A man at the door informs Sally that he has a letter for her which he was to deliver on this day at this time. The letter is from his grandmother, a woman who had the same name as her friend. However, Kathy has disappeared and as Sally continues to investigate she learns a number of things: there is an easter egg on 17 DVDs featuring a message from a man known as the Doctor; the warning on the wall came from the Doctor; don't blink; beware of the Weeping Angels, don't blink; don't look away; don't turn your back on them and DON'T BLINK!

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
Derek Jacobi (Professor Yana)
Chipo Chung (Chantho)
Rene Zagger (Padra)
Neil Reidman (Lt. Atillo)
Paul Marc Davies (chieftain)
Robert Forknall (guard)
John Bell (Creet)
Deborah MacLaren (Kistane)
Abigail Canton (wiry woman)
John Simm (Mr Saxon)

The Doctor takes the TARDIS to the rift in Cardiff - to give it a top up as Martha points out. Just as the Doctor prepares the TARDIS for dematerialisation he notices a familiar figure on the scanner, running towards the ship. Ignoring the running man, the Doctor continues to set the ship on course. Power surges through the TARDIS and it moves far, far into the future. They find themselves on a world which once belonged to an insect race, but now only one of their number remains. It is a world that it is now inhabited by a race referred to as Futurekind, that some suspect may be the next step in human evolution. There are also humans on this planet, hoping that their Professor can finish his work on the ship that will take them away to a place known as Utopia. The Professor is all to glad to learn that the Doctor is a scientist because if the truth be told, he cannot complete the work on the ship and everything he has told to the last group of humans may be nothing more than false hope.

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
John Simm (Mr Saxon)
Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones)
Reggie Yates (Leo Jones)
Trevor Laird (Clive Jones)
Alexandra Moen (Lucy Saxon)
Colin Stinton (the President)
Nichola McAuliffe (Vivien Rook)
Nicholas Gecks (Albert Dumfries)
Sharon Osbourne, McFly, Ann Widdecombe (themselves)
Elize Du Toit (sinister woman)
Olivia Hill, Lachele Carl, Daniel Ming (newsreaders)
Zoe Thorne, Gerard Logan, Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis (sphere voices)
Tom Ellis (Thomas Milligan)
Ellie Haddington (Professor Docherty)

The Doctor, Martha and Jack arrive on Earth in search of the Master. Martha is vague about why the Master's voice sounded familiar until they all see the newscast from the new Prime Minister - Harold Saxon. Harold Saxon is a strange choice for Prime Minister - in fact his cabinet are concerned that he is not taking anything seriously and has no interest in policies. It is not long before Saxon makes the next step in carrying out his own agenda and another ministerial cabinet is left dead. A journalist tries to warn Mrs Saxon about her husband but her attempt to gain her support fails and she is confronted by the mysterious Toclafane.

As members of her family are captured one by one, Martha wants to help them but it seems the Doctor is powerless to help. The public are warned to be vigilant and look for three terrorists - the Doctor, Martha and Jack. Forced into hiding they must find a way to stop the Master...

David Tennant, Peter Davison (The Doctor)

The Doctor wanders around the TARDIS console, checking to see what damage has been done by the Master. The Doctor is startled when one of his previous selves joins him in checking the console. Together they must find a way to restore the previous Doctor to his time stream in addition to repairing the TARDIS.

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Kylie Minogue (Astrid Peth)
Geoffrey Palmer (Capt. Hardaker)
Russell Tovey (Midshipman Frame)
George Costigan (Max Capricorn)
Gray O'Brien (Rickston Slade)
Andrew Havill (chief steward)
Bruce Lawrence (engineer)
Debbie Chazen (Foon Van Hoff)
Clive Rowe (Morvin Van Hoff)
Clive Swift (Mr Copper)
Jimmy Vee (Bannakaffalatta)
Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott)
Nicholas Witchell (himself)
Paul Kasey (the host)
Colin McFarlane, Ewan Bailey (alien voices)
Jessica Martin (voice of the Queen)

Following the impact of a ship colliding with the TARDIS, the Doctor resets the shields and defence systems. As the walls of the TARDIS are restored and the breach sealed, the Doctor examines the life belt from the other ship - apparently the RMS Titanic. Materialising the TARDIS aboard the Titanic, the Doctor becomes increasingly intrigued. A look out of a window finally explains the nature of the ship that he is now aboard.

Opting for some fun, the Doctor joins the passengers and befriends a helpful waitress by the name of Astrid. Her dreams of exploring other worlds remind the Doctor of the qualities he admires in others and so he entices her into joining a landing party.

The fun soon stops when tragedy strikes and the Titanic begins its descent. The Doctor gathers together a small group of survivors in the hope of finding a way off the Titanic, but they must battle against the Host, service androids that have ceased to serve the crew and passengers and instead have become killers...