Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Caitlan Blackwood (Amelia Pond)
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
Dr Ramsden (Nina Wadia)
Marcello Magni (Barney Collins)
Annette Crosbie (Mrs Angelo)
Tom Hopper (Jeff)
Arthur Cox (Mr Henderson)
Olivia Coleman (Mother)
Eden and Merin Monteath (children)
David De Keyser (voice of the Atraxi)
Patrick Moore (himself)

One of the main concerns facing the Doctor after his regeneration is an out-of-control TARDIS. He manages to gain some control over it but not enough to stop the ship from crashing to Earth and demolishing a garden shed. A young girl, asking Santa for help against the voices on the other side of a crack in her bedroom wall, hears the TARDIS crashing. Outside, she watches as the Doctor climbs out of the TARDIS. When he asks her for an apple she obliges - however, it seems that the Doctor cannot find anything he likes to eat.

Intrigued by the girl's tales of voices coming from the crack in her bedroom wall, the Doctor investigates. It becomes apparent that the crack is in space and time and that if the wall was demolised the crack would remain where it is. The voice from the other side of the crack warns that "prisoner zero has escaped". Opening the crack on the notion that this will cause it to re-seal itself properly, the Doctor and the girl glance into the world be greeted by a giant eye. Now they must track down prisoner zero and return the prisoner to its cell. As the Doctor is about to take action he hears the boom of the cloister bell from the TARDIS. If he does not do something quickly, the ship will die, so he returns to the TARDIS and promises the girl, Amelia Pond, that all he has to do is slip five minutes into the future and sort out the problem with the TARDIS. So she will meet him again in five minutes. Emerging from the TARDIS, the Doctor re-enters the house searching for Amelia - then his gaze returns to the door which had intrigued him before the cloister bell had sounded. Someone hits him from behind and the Doctor is rendered unconscious.

Meantime, in a nearby hospital Dr Ramsden is summoned to a ward filled with comatose patients. She is told that the patients all spoke at the same time, asking for her. Assuming that its some kind of joke, Dr Ramsden ignores Rory when he says he has seen some of the patients walking around the village...until the patients begin talking. The one word which they all utter is "Doctor"...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Sophie Okonedo (Liz 10)
Terrence Hardiman (Hawthorne)
Hannah Sharp (Mandy)
Alfie Field (Timmy)
Christopher Good (Morgan)
David Ajala (Peter)
Catrin Richards (Poem Girl)
Jonathan Battersby (Winder)
Chris Porter (voice of Smilers/Winders)

It is the 29th century and the TARDIS has arrived on Starship UK: the Doctor informs Amy that one of he rules of time travel is that they can observe only - there can no interference whatsoever. As she watches the scanner, Amy sees a little girl on her own, crying...until the Doctor arrives and speaks to her. Following the Doctor outside, Amy questions why he is interfering to which he answers that he cannot bear to see children crying.

What kind of world is Starship UK where children cry and adults don't pay attention? What kind of world is where booths containing Smilers are steered well clear of? What kind of world is that a glass of water on the floor proves something to the Doctor and brings him to the attention of the Highest Authority? What kind of world is where people, eligible to vote and given the choice to protest or to forget...make the choice to forget? Something is wrong on Starship UK...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Ian McNeice (Churchill)
Bill Patterson (Bracewell)
Nina De Cosimo (Blanche)
Tim Wallers (Childers)
Susannah Fielding (Lillian)
James Albrecht (Todd)
Colin Prockter (Air raid warden)
Nicholas Pegg, Barnaby Edwards (Daleks)
Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voices)

Responding to a call from Winston Churchill, the Doctor brings Amy to London during the Second World War. Arriving a month late, the Doctor is informed that the problem has now been resolved. An air raid is about to take place, but Churchill is confident that the Bracewell Ironsides can deal with the problem. On the roof of the building the Doctor watches as the Ironsides take out the attacking planes. The manner in which the planes are destroyed alarms the Doctor...the weapon discharge is familiar. Sure enough, the Bracewell Ironsides are Daleks.

The Doctor tries to convince Churchill that trusting the Daleks is a big mistake. Confronting his ancient enemy, the Doctor goads the Dalek. However, even the Doctor is surprised when it appears that his very words prove to be of great benefit to the Daleks. What is the true purpose of their presence in 1940s London and just what is the Doctor's testimony worth?

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Alex Kingston (River Song)
Simon Dutton (Alastair)
Iain Glen (Bishop Octavian)
Mark Spinrger (Christian)
Troy Glasgow (Angelo)
David Atkins (Bob)
Darren Morfitt (Marco)

Space, the past, the future...all that Amy needs now is to tour a museum. The Doctor seems interested in the various exhibits but one in particular catches his eye - a home box, inscribed with a message in Gallifreyan. Stealing the home box, the Doctor and Amy escape in the TARDIS. Hooking it up to the TARDIS, the Doctor checks the records stored in the box...and finds a message from River Song. Travelling back through time, the Doctor assists Song in her escape and then complies with her request to "follow that ship".

Arriving on the planet where the ship was heading, the Doctor is all for leaving River there and venturing off into other parts of space and time. Outside the doors of the TARDIS is another world - Amy's first other world. Reluctantly, the Doctor agrees. A nearby structure now marks the crash site of the ship from which River escaped earlier. Her actions could not have caused it to crash - so something else must have gone wrong. When members of the church arrive, the Doctor is informed that in the hold of the ship is a single Weeping Angel. As a result of the crash, there is a radiation leak...and this will make the Angel stronger. An image of the contents of the hold show the Angel and Amy wonders why everyone is concerned. Bishop Octavian comments on legends about the Weeping Angels but the Doctor states that they are not legends...they are true.

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
Helen McCrory (Rosanna)
Lucian Msamati (Guido)
Alisha Bailey (Isabella)
Alex Price (Francesco)
Michael Percival (Inspector)
Simon Gregor (Steward)
Gabriella Wilde, Hannah Steele, Elizabeth Croft, Sonila Vieshta, Gabriela Montaraz (Vampires)

It is Rory's stag night and his friends have prepared for him a very large cake. Glasses are raised, ready for the case to burst open... except nobody expects the Doctor to emerge and inform Rory that Amy is a good kisser. Later, the Doctor promises to take Amy and Rory somewhere special as a pre-marriage treat: Venice in the 16th century. A lovely romantic city where Amy and Rory can find one another again and the Doctor...he can relax.

Except that something else has come to Venice and young women are being recruited into a special school. On the surface they are being offered a step up in the world, a chance to better themselves and to do their families proud. Beneath all that is something all together more sinister...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
Toby Jones (Dream Lord)
Nick Hobbs (Mr Nainby)
Joan Linder (Mrs Hamill)
Audrey Ardington (Mrs Poggit)

Amy and Rory are enjoying their life in Ledworth: she is expecting their first child - and when the Doctor arrives to check on them, it looks as if his two friends are enjoying a quiet life together. In fact, it appears to be a very quiet life. Nothing happens in Ledworth - you could just go to sleep...and wake up five years previously on board the TARDIS. As the three of them switch between times and places, a mysterious figure, identifying himself as the Dream Lord informs that one of the two is real, the other a dream. They must choose between the two: but care should be taken, because great danger lurks in both scenarios. If they die in the dream they will wake up...if they die in reality, well obviously they die.

With all its power shut down, the TARDIS is drifting towards a cold star; in Ledworth, the elderly villagers have become hosts for aliens that feed of the life of the younger population around them...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
Neve McIntosh (Alaya)
Meera Syal (Nasreen Chaudhry)
Robert Pugh (Tony Mack)
Nia Roberts (Ambrose)
Alun Raglan (Mo)
Samuel Davies (Elliott)
Richard Hope (Malokeh)
Stephen Moore (Eldane)

The village of Cymtaff, Wales: Chaudhry and Mack are excited when the drill reaches the target of 21 kilometres below the surface. Mo arrives to take over the night shift and as he settles down strange things begin to happen. Monitor signals are interfered with and when he investigates, Mo finds a hole filled with earth in the concrete floor. When the patch of earth swallows his torch, Mo makes to retrieve it...and something tries to pull him through. He just manages to break free and as he tries to scrabble his way something grabs his ankle and pulls him through the patch.

The Doctor opens the door of the TARDIS, promising that Amy and Rory will enjoy Rio...except they have arrived in Wales in 2020! A couple of people in the distance wave to them and the Doctor realises its future Amy and Rory. He distracts the present day couple by heading towards a large mining operation he has just spotted. Amy, worried about her engagement ring hands it back to Rory who quickly dashes back to the TARDIS to put it somewhere safe.

It is not long before the Doctor, Amy and Rory discover that something sinister is happening in the village. People are disappearing - both the living and the dead. It would appear that something is coming up from under the Earth. The drilling operation has disturbed something and now it is fighting back...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Tony Curran (Vincent)
Nik Howden (Maurice)
Chrissie Coterill (mother)
Sarah Counsell (waitress)
Bill Nighy (Dr Black)

Amy is pleased, yet curious as to they the Doctor is taking her around various galleries. Overhearing a guide speak enthusiastically about Vincent Van Gogh, the Doctor and Amy enjoy the exhibition of his work. One particular painting catches the Doctor's eye - in the window of a church is something clearly sinister in appearance. Interrupting the guide, Doctor Black, the Doctor learns the approximate date and time when that painting was drawn

Travelling back in time, the Doctor and Amy locate a cafe immortalised in one of the Van Gogh's painting. Sure enough, they find that the waitresses and the manager know Van Gogh quite a non-paying customer. The Doctor offers to pay for Vincent's drink but the artist is having none of it. Only when Amy offers to buy her own bottle of wine and share it with whomever she chooses do the time travellers gain a chance to speak to Van Gogh. As the Doctor tries to learn the location of the church, a scream interrupts the conversation. A young woman has been killed...but by what? The villagers drive Vincent, the Doctor and Amy away. Taking refuge at Vincent's cottage, the travellers soon encounter the source of the fearsome image in the painting...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
James Corden (Craig)
Daisy Haggard (Sophie)
Owen Donovan (Steven)
Babatunde Aleshe (Sean)
Jem Wall (Michael)
Karen Secombe (Sandra)
Kamara Bacchus (clubber)

The Doctor emerges form the TARDIS after it materialises. Its materialisation is quite erratic but before the Doctor can do anything further he watches as the ship dematerialises leaving him stranded on Earth and Amy trapped on board.

Craig is hoping that Sophie will spend a night in and share a pizza with him, but when she gets a call she has to go. Realising that she has left her keys behind, Craig wonders if she will come back. Sure enough, the doorbell rings and he opens it...and encounters a rather strange young man who has come in response to his ad about letting out a room. This "Doctor" has more than enough money for the room but Craig is not too sure about his manner that he would be okay with him as a flat mate. The Doctor prepares dinner and after a meal and a conversation Craig shows him his room.

A number of things intrigue the Doctor: the patch of what appears to be dry rot spreading across the ceiling; the room at the top of the stairs and its loger whom no-one has ever seen. It would appear, though, that there are those who have seen the lodger. There are those who have been walking past, they have heard a call for help and responded. Passing through the door into the lodger's room...never to return.

Maintaining a scrambled communication with Amy, the Doctor is able to give her basic instructions in stabilising the TARDIS. Until he can solve the mystery, though, he cannot use advanced technology such as his sonic screwdriver. He has a more pressing problem, though and he asks Amy's advice..on passing as a normal human.

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Alex Kingston (River Song)
Tony Curran (Vincent)
Ian McNeice (Churchill)
Bill Patterson (Bracewell)
Sophie Okonedo (Liz 10)
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
Caitlin Blackwood (Amelia)
Susan Vidler (aunt Sharon)
Frances Ashman (Christine)
Halco Johnston (Mr Pond)
Barnaby Edwards (Dalek)
Ruari Meas (Cyberleader)
Christopher Ryan (Sontaran)
Paul Kasey (Judoon)

Vincent Van Gogh twists and turns on his bed, tormented by some strange dream. Those who are with him, trying to help him, are concerned both for his help and his most recent painting.

In London, during World War 2, Bracewell and Churchill ponder over the meaning of a recently discovered Van Gogh painting. It would appear that they need to contact the Doctor: their call is diverted to a holding facility in the 52nd century and taken by River Song. Escaping, River goes to the Royal collection and steals the painting.

The Doctor and Amy visit a planet to read an ancient inscription only to get a message telling them where they must go next. Arriving in ancient Britain, the Doctor and Amy are greeted by a soldier who informs them they were expected by Cleopatra. Brought before Cleopatra (River Song) they learn more of the mythical Pandorica. Legend says that it contains some ancient being that has the blood of thousands of races on its hands...and the box is opening.

Matt Smith (The Doctor)
Karen Gillan (Amy Pond)
Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)
Michael Gambon (Kazran/Elliot Sardick)
Katherine Jenkins (Abigail)
Laurence Belcher (young Kazran)
Danny Horn (adult Kazran)
Leo Bill (pilot)
Pooky Quesnel (Captain)
Micah Balfour (co-pilot)
Steve North (old Benjamin)
Bailey Pepper (boy/Benjamin)
Tim Plester (servant)
Nick Malinowski (Eric)
Laura Rogers (Isabella)
Meg Wynn Owen (old Isabella)

A spaceship plunges through the atmosphere of a planet. As the pilots wrestle with the controls a distress call is sent from the honeymoon suite: Amy and Rory believe that the Doctor will come to their rescue.

Mr Sardick is listening to a family who want one day with Abigail, currently held in cryogenic suspension. Sardick refuses: her suspension was security for a loan to her sister many years before. When the Doctor comes down the chimney, his spectacular entrance allows him to try and activate the device which controls the skies above. This will allow the spaceship to make a safe landing. Sardick's family created the device and used it to control the skies. Considering the large population on the planet, Sardick has decided that there is no need for new additions - if the ship crashes and all on board die - problem solved.
The Doctor decides that he must take a leaf out of a Charles Dickens' story in the hope that he can change Sardick's nature...