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The 1st Doctor
Waiting A young man's journey across America takes an unpleasant turn until he receives a little help from an old man. D.S.Carlin
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The 2nd Doctor
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The 3rd Doctor
There's No Place Like Earth An epilogue to Inferno
The Doctor checks the TARDIS console in the aftermath of Project Inferno and makes a startling discovery.
Stones The Doctor and Jo take shelter in a desert ruin when they are caught in bad weather. Jay Vincent
Glass The Doctor receives something unusual through the post.
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The 4th Doctor
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The 5th Doctor
A Taste of Paradise A prologue to Kinda
An Earth survey team finds that there is more to the paradise world of Deva Loka than first thought.
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The 6th Doctor
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The 7th Doctor
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The 8th Doctor
Foothold Episode One
A ship patrolling the space lanes encounters a derelict spaceship.
Episode Two
The Doctor's unannounced arrival, incurs a penalty.
Episode Three
The Doctor discovers that some criminals do not escape punishment so easily.
Episode Four
The Doctor tries to convince one person of the folly of the new justice system.
Episode Five
The Doctor tries to convince the justice system that its new law could have terrifying consequences.
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The 9th Doctor
Insightment A punch-up in a shopping mall might prove to be more than just a heat of the moment spat. D.S.Carlin
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