Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor)
Bonnie Langford (Mel)
Kate O'Mara (The Rani)
Mark Greenstreet (Ikona)
Donald Pickering (Beyus)
Karen Clegg (Sarn)
Richard Gauntlett (Urak)
Wanda Ventham (Faroon)
John Segal (Lanisha)
Peter Tuddenham, Jacki Webb (voices)

The TARDIS is forced down on Lakertya: the Rani boards the ship and instructs Urak to bring the Doctor. As Urak turns the Doctor's body over, the Doctor regenerates. In the Rani's laboratory, the Doctor awakens and realising who she is and wondering about the purpose of machinery around him, he tries to escape but he is still a a bit unstable. Rendering the Doctor unconscious, the Rani administers another drug so that his memory will be impaired. Dressing up as Mel, she pretends to be the Doctor's travelling companion and informs him that an experiment he was working on in his face. All he needs to do is repair the machinery and the project can continue.

Mel tries to locate the Doctor and encounters a Lakertyan girl. The girl, scared, runs off and triggers a tripwire. Caught in one of the Rani's traps, the girl is killed. Mel faces more threats as in order for the Rani's plan to work, the Doctor and Mel cannot meet.

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor)
Bonnie Langford (Mel)
Richard Briers (The Chief Caretaker)
Clive Merrison (deputy chief)
Brenda Bruce (Tilda)
Elizabeth Spriggs (Tabby)
Julie Brennon (Fire Escape)
Annabel Yuresha (Bin Liner)
Howard Cooke (Pex)
Catherine Cusack (blue kang leader)
Joseph Young (young caretaker)
Astra Sheridan (yellow kang)
Judy Cornwell (Maddy)

Paradise Towers: a magnificient edifice, one of may success of Kroagnon, the Great Architect. On the highest level there is a swimming pool and Mel wants to try it out. When the TARDIS arrives in Paradise Towers though the Doctor and Mel find the walls covered in grafitti, the corridors strewn with litter. Wandering the corridors are the Kangs, gangs of girls trying to count coup against one another, avoid the caretakers, stay away from the Rezzies and definitely not be taken to the cleaners! The caretakers try to keep the Towers clean and as good a condition as possible, there are rules to be followed and obeyed. The Rezzies get by from day to day, though a nice delicious visitor can go a long way...

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor)
Bonnie Langford (Mel)
Don Henderson (Gavrok)
Belinda Mayne (Delta)
Stubby Kaye (Weismuller)
Morgan Deare (Hawk)
Ken Dodd (tollmaster)
Richard Davies (Burton)
David Kinder (Billy)
Sara Griffiths (Ray)
Johnny Dennis (Murray)
Brian Hibbard (Keillor)
Hugh Lloyd (Gorowny)
Tim Scott (Chima)
Anita Graham (Bollitt)
Leslie Meadows (Adlon)

Delta amanges to escape from the Bannermen, taking with her an egg - the last of the Chimeron. However, the Bannermen are not far behind. She secretes herself on a tour bus leaving a galactic tollbooth - its destination: Disneyworld on planet Earth. The Doctor and Mel are also due to take the tour, but the Doctor decides he would rather follow in the TARDIS. The tour ship collides with a recently launched satellite and thankfully the Doctor is able to rescue the ship, but instead of Disneyworld they all arrive in Wales. There is a holiday camp nearby, which seems better than nothing.

One consequence of the accident is that the Bannermen have lost track of Delta: now they must rely on their agents to keep an eye out for her. The Doctor and Mel meet Delta and soon realise they must help her elude the Bannermen.

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor)
Bonnie Langford (Mel)
Sophie Aldred (Ace)
Tony Selby (Glitz)
Edward Peel (Kane)
Patricia Quinn (Belazs)
Tony Osoba (Kracauer)
Shirin Taylor (Customer)
Ian MacKenzie (Anderson)
Stephanie Fayerman (McLuhan)
Stuart Organ (Bazin)
Nigel Miles-Thomas (Pudovkin)
Sean Blowers (Zed)
Leslie Meadows (the Creature)
Miranda Borman (Stellar)
Lynn Gardner (announcer)

The TARDIS materialises on the planet of Svartos, specifically inside the trading colony of Iceworld. The Doctor and Mel encounter an old "friend", Sabalom Glitz who has recently acquired a map that alleges to show the way to a fabulous treasure. Ace, a waitress at the cafe shows interest too, but after a skirmish with another customer it looks like her job is in jeapordy. Additionally, while Glitz is willing to let the Doctor join him on his treasure hunt he does not want either Mel or Ace with them.

Others are interested in the treasure map, although more to the point they are interested in the Doctor and Glitz finding the treasure. For the legend goes that the treasure is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Kane, the man who owns and runs Iceworld seems to live in the chilled areas of the outpost, avoiding the heat. And what could be more terrifying to a man who lives in the cold than a fire-breathing dragon? What does he hope to gain from the recovery of the treasure? And what of his army, kept in suspended animation?