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I have plenty of ideas but only a certain amount of time to get them all sorted out. So if, in your wanderings in cyberspace, you have stumbled upon Sparrows Fall and want to contribute please do. Submit stories,Reviews, articles (perhaps you want everyone to know about your visit to an exhibition or a convention), perhaps you have found an Easter Egg on a DVD, either in word or text format (or even better, send it in HTML format), and drawings as GIF files. Helpful suggestions on the presentation and set-up of an e-zine are also welcome. Website design wizards are welcome to teach me a few tricks.

As to those who might ask - why bother? Why not just leave it all to social media? For a start, as other people comment on other things its easy for old comments to vanish or for links to become lost. Nothing quite beats a few clicks leading to that article you want to revisit rather than re-tweeting a query etc.

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